Oil Pastels

Tools of my trade

About the Art:

I currently work in oil pastel. My work reflects my fascination with the texture, pattern and color in textiles tapestries and carpets that grew out of my work in theater costuming and prop construction. Basically, I layer my colors and then I use toothpicks, sandpaper, and pottery tools to create a base for more layers of color. Then I scrape with a straight edged pottery tool. As I scrape, I uncover interesting texture and colors from underneath. Trees, grasses, and other natural phenomenon emerge as color from on top settles into the grooves I have created. I am process oriented. I like to describe my technique as “subtractive” rather than “additive” because I do not plan my composition ahead of time by drawing in the trees and land formations. It emerges as I work and react to what I uncover.


Email: maryfdennis@yahoo.com

Web site: www.jestercreations.com

Phone: (503) 246-0213