Paper Arts

Hillsboro, Oregon

About the Art:

A paper artist I know uses the phrase “Joy in the Making” in her email signature. That strikes a chord with me. I’ve always taken great delight in the creative process.

My Note Totes (refillable notepad holders and sticky note holders) are a direct result of my ongoing love affair with paper. They are fashioned out of everything from handmade paper to wrapping tissue to old maps!

I create wearable art pins and earrings. The pins are made with matboard bases that are embellished with paint, clear and embossed metallic resins, with occasional embedded bits and pieces. They have the look of porcelain or raku pottery. The earrings have chipboard bases covered with gelli-printed and marbled papers, then coated in protective sealer. I call this fun jewelry, not fine jewelry!

I also make wooden quote plaques and decorative mirrors framed in resin-coated paper tiles. These creations allow me to combine my love of beautiful papers and my fascination with words, specifically quotes. A good quote is like a sparkling gem to me – a profound thought or feeling crystallized within in few well-chosen words. I work to capture the essence of the quote in the design and images of the tiles. I choose quotes that have meaning for me, and I hope they speak to you as well. My latest creations are mixed media works combining gelli-printed and marbled papers with painted details, collaged onto gallery-wrapped canvases.

Creating something both beautiful and useful gives me a lot of satisfaction – Joy in the Making!

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Phone: (360) 513-6441