Sculpture – Obsidian Windchimes

Portland, Oregon

About the Art:

Sculptural chimes made from volcanic obsidian shards paired with artist-curated/collected botanicals, thorns, bone.

Artwork is made from Nature and materials are artist-collected/curated; each piece is designed and executed by artists (Deborah and Richard Bloom). We use seeds and seedpods, thorns, bone and antler, along with volcanic obsidian to fashion a balanced, melodic and eye pleasing kinetic sculpture or chime. We use diamond saw, dental drills, jigsaws, files and proprietary wax finishes, along with other hand tools that we have developed or reappropriated. It is a joy to go out into the field to forage and collect, as well as be inspired for designs while hiking and camping.. In our technological world, we are pleased to bring simplicity through our work.

Appointments available to visit our studio (one at a time, with virus safety protocols). Please email us with your phone number and we will call you right away.



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