Portland, Oregon

About the Art:

I am an artist/educator and a perpetual student, always striving to learn more of my chosen craft. I find I am a better teacher when also a student: My students drive me to think about my own work in greater detail as I answer questions of how and why.

I began metalwork in 1976. Despite brief dalliances with other media, the metal and fire always call me back. It is my breath: I can go for a time without it, but too long away from the bench, I start to falter.

I design texture-rich, structural, one-of-a-kind statement jewelry, weaving together geometric and architectural forms found in the natural world. The work is primarily crafted in sterling and fine silver, accented with gold, gemstones and pearls. I repurpose scrap silver into design elements for several collections to reduce my environmental impact.

My art invites you to confidently present your unapologetic best self.


Purchase through online shop, and at local area art and craft shows.

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