Forest Grove, Oregon

I’ve been making clothing for as long as I can remember.  I’m sure I had the best-dressed Barbie doll in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida in the 1960’s.   But seriously, I did actually get a degree in apparel design and have been making clothing of some type for decades – everything from t-shirts to custom silk garments and accessories.  However, about 16 years ago, I settled on a style of appliquéd garments which allows me to incorporate hand dyeing, printing, painting and quilting techniques in limitless combinations.   I am appreciative of all my clients who have stuck with me through my many experiments in the world of fiber.Covid 19 has changed all our lives, including mine.  A few months ago I began working on large scale bed quilts, something I have always wanted to do but could never quite find the time with my busy show schedule.  In addition to saving my sanity, it’s been very challenging and creatively satisfying to work on a massively larger scale than the garments I have concentrated on for so many years.  I have been experimenting with color and movement in ways that were not possible with the clothing, and really enjoying the process.  I will be showing these as well as my clothing on my website for the Local 14 Virtual Show.


Website: www.briekriebelclothing.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulina.kriebel

Instagram: www.instagram.com/briekriebel

Phone: (503) 201-1423