Canby, Oregon

About the Art:

I use a Nikon D5300 to capture my interpretation of objects in nature, the micro world that is easily passed by. My vision is influenced by patterns, reflections and tactile qualities of the Pacific Northwest, where I am from. I use Adobe LightRoom and a touch of Photoshop to enhance the qualities I see to best communicate my vision. In the past I have used collage of handmade papers as 2D and 3D art, and sewn my own clothes. I love to cook and appreciate the texture, aroma and joy of food. Photography is just a visual extension of my fascination with materials.

My images are available in 5×7 archival quality art cards, prints on archival paper, or printed on gessoed wood panels with 1.5″ cradle and wire for hanging.

Email me to discuss, to chat, to purchase. PayPal, CashApp, Square available. Thank you!




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