About the Art:

Michelle Lattanzi is a Portland native who credits her photographic inspiration to the many childhood trips around the Pacific Northwest with her family. Michelle’s unique talent of looking at subjects from underneath, close up, and making them look unrecognizable are what drives her art. Similarly, the texture, pattern and tactile qualities of handmade papers and textiles are great inspiration for collaging and sewing her own clothes. Michelle is a passionate cook and loves the texture, aroma and sensation of food. Photography is just a visual extension of her fascination with materials.

Michelle is a member artist with the Local 14 art group in Portland, and participates in art shows and sales around the metro area throughout the year.

Artwork is available in:

  • 5×7″ giclee archival quality art cards
  • Giclee prints on archival quality rag stock, any size.
  • Printed on birch panels with 1-1/2″ cradle, standard or custom sizes. 8×12″ up to 36×48″. Attractive and durable, wire attached on back for hanging.  



Phone: 503-539-1762


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