Fiber Art – 2D

About the Art:

No matter what format or style my work takes, the pivot point of my visual explorations is sameness and difference. I like assembling a collection of visual elements that are markedly different from each other to see what happens. I want to be surprised by the juxtapositions of my visual cast of characters and then see how I can relate them to one another more formally. The artwork included in my current series, Printworks, contain mostly simple shapes that are distorted in some way – rounded triangles, irregular square or circles, partial flowers – in high contrast colors moving across the picture plan. Each was created with the same process – described below – where the meaning of each piece emerged as its visual elements came together.

My Process

My process begins with a stack of self-designed silk screens, stencils and rubbing plates, pots of thickened dye and yards of white fabric. I spend days printing to where I’ve built up a significant variety of useful printed fabric to be included in future compositions. By the time I’m finished, I have often uncovered likely candidates for the next visual exploration. I put these fabrics on the design wall along with others, making sure to maintain a balance between harmonic and discordant elements. I cut shapes and lines freehand, arranging – and rearranging – on the wall, looking for that spark of connection between the visual elements. I continue working until a dynamic composition is established. The cut pieces get sewn together, often with thin lines added to further relate the pieces as a whole.


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