Woodland, Washington

About the Art:

My woodcuts are a traditional Japanese art printing technique. I hand carve each image on various woods and print them on hand made Oriental papers such as Chire Kozo or Sumi-E paper, which are mulberry based papers. I use the traditional baron method to transfer the ink to the paper.

My subject matter includes birds and fish of the NW. The images are strong but have a quietness about them that is pleasant and relaxing. The subject matter and how I present them have an Oriental feeling. Sometimes I hand color parts of the finished woodcut.

I sign my woodcuts with chops I had made in China. The top chop is my name (Neely) in Chinese and the bottom chop says I draw birds and animals.


Email: neelydebby@gmail.com

Phone: (360) 225-8909

For purchase inquiries, call or send an email.