2D Drawing

Oregon City, Oregon

About the Art

My early years were spent as a graphic designer which cemented my love for black & white, positive and negative shapes and spaces. An avid outdoors-person; nature, fish & water, to name a few, inspire my artwork.  When designing, I’ve found the power of letting images emerge within other images while attempting to let go of time and outer limitations or restrictions – is key to my work.  That’s when “the good stuff” can happen.

I’ve lived in Oregon for the past 38 years with my husband Jeff.  We have two grown daughters. Art and culture, the Oregon valley and coast are home to us. Our home and studio in the beautiful rolling hills of Oregon City, are located 18 miles south of PDX International airport, and are home to a shared- space Art Center, where professional artist-instructors from across America, Europe & Canada teach 3-8 day workshops.

I love sharing this space with other artists and students.  

Education:  Bachelor of Arts, Marylhurst University

Web Site: www.carriemoorestudios.com