Damascus, Oregon

About the Art:

Candace Wilson was born and raised in Aloha Oregon. She started studying art in High School, where her teacher, Judy Vogland, taught her how to paint and draw and eventually introduced her to the potter’s wheel. From there, her love affair with clay began.
After finishing High School, she continued her art education at Southern Oregon University, located in Ashland. After graduating with a degree in Applied Design, she then went on to continue her education at the University of Oregon, pursuing a master’s in graphic design. From there she went on to be a graphic designer in Portland, working in packaging design for many years. She has also studied ceramics in Italy and has taken courses at the School of Arts and Crafts in Portland.

With her background in graphic design and love of clay, Candace has been able to apply new and distinctive techniques to her art utilizing words, images, and textures to create one-of-a-kind work. With her art, she aims to bring beautiful, positive, and joyful items into existence for contemplation and thoughtful giving by sticking the balance of creating pieces that are useable but have a whimsical twist.

Candace’s love for her work is visible in the pieces she creates. She hopes to share that joy with people through her art – whether it be a cozy handmade mug, or a silly bird head sculpture to make people smile.


Contact me at candace@cwilsondesign.com

To purchase, check Candace’s art show schedule, posted on Facebook: www.facebook.com/candace.v.wilson

Instagram: www.instagram.com/makes_buttons