LOCAL 14 Photographer list

Keith Buckley aka Zap Graphics, NE Portland
503-232-8785, keith@zapgraphics.com, www.zapgraphics.com

Sven Durland

David Hooten
Pixelpoint Artistry, Beaverton
503-887-1981, dkh@pixelpoint-artistry.com, www.pixelpoint-artistry.com

Nina Johnson
Nina Johnson Photography, Portland Metro
503-730-6420, ninaleejohnson@me.com, www.ninaleejohnson.com

Dan Kvitka
Kvitka Photography, Portland
503-318-1734, dankvitka@yahoo.com, www.kvitkaphotography.com

Dale Leix
Today’s Photo, Lake Oswego
503-636-8967, todays.photo@yahoo.com, www.todaysphoto.biz

Tom Paul
Photographer/Retoucher (specializes in close up- jewelry, small objects)
503-547-4254, www.tompaulphoto.com

Doreen Wynja
Eye of the Lady Oregon based
503-816-0942, wynja@onlinemac.com, www.eyeofthelady.com

All photographers have been recommended by member artists and can assist all artists with professional images and ZAPP or similar formatting for jury submissions.