Mixed Media Paintings and Collage

Portland, Oregon

About the Art:

Inspired by the continually transforming world around us by weather and age [think crumbling stucco, rusting metal, peeling paint and vine-covered walls – the built environment being consumed by nature], I layer multiple materials and then scrape, sand, scratch, slice and/or stitch to unveil surprises or to join components in interesting ways. I am also captivated by organic, lyrical linework, which has been a breath of fresh air after decades of working within the precise and rigid confines of AutoCAD.

As a newly emerging artist, I’ve been experimenting with an array of media and techniques discovering how to best convey what’s most important to me: that incredible beauty can be found within the sometimes translucent and often opaque layers of our unfolding lives. The iridescent silvers that emerge over time, along with accrued scrapes, scars and imperfections bring depth, texture and richness that I aim to capture within my artwork.


Web site and online shop: www.lizdexter.com

Email: liz@lizdexter

Phone: (503) 522-3460

Instagram: www.instagram.com/liz.dexter

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/liz_dexter