Cast concrete sculpture

Seattle, Washington

Artist Biography:

Linda decided at age five to be an artist, but it took about half a lifetime for that to become a reality. In the meantime, she enjoyed growing up in Lewiston, Idaho- the oldest of four siblings- when her family moved there from San Francisco in the sixties. After graduating from Whitman College in 1982 with a degree in history and art history she set out to experience the world. The next five years were spent traveling and working in Europe, Asia and Africa (with trips home to earn money and re-connect!). Always in love with Seattle, the move here came next, with marriage, a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington, the birth of a wonderful child, and work in landscape design.

  In 2205 Linda revived the art casting business on her own that was started in the early nineties with her former husband. With a long-time love of the decorative arts, she gains inspiration from various periods of art history, places she has traveled, and nature, creating objects to grace the home and garden.

When she’s not slinging concrete, Linda enjoys gardening, hiking, music, reading, deep-sea fishing,  travel, volunteering, and time with friends and family.

Artist process

Inspired by my background in history, art history, horticulture, and travel, my original sculptures are created in mixed-media, including clay, balsa wood, watercolor paper, ceramic and even stone. While I usually begin with conceptual drawings, each design evolves as I work with the materials in a head/heart/hand process.  

I have developed a specialized concrete mixture for my pieces which allows my very fine detailing. After fabrication of a silicone mold, the designs are individually cast and trimmed. The finishes I created usually start with an integral color, with oxides and pigments layered and burnished in between to build up rich, deep colors. The pieces are then sealed and hand buffed to bring out their detail and luster. They weather beautifully outdoors and may be enjoyed inside, too.



Phone: (206) 818-4453