Mixed Media

Vancouver, Washington

Artist Process Statement:

My work and ideas have evolved over the years from a confluence of traditions such as primitive folk art, expressionism, and abstract modernism, which is expressed in my colorful and eclectic paintings. I especially love the California Colorists as depicted by the Bay Area Figurative movement represented by artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Manuel Neri & Nathan Oliveira & Joan Brown whom I discovered while living in the Bay Area. Other artists that especially inspire me include Paul Klee, Mark Rothko and Louise Bourgeois. The art process I use includes laying down various mixed medias, especially cut out cotton rag paper and other found objects, on a stretched artist canvas or wood substrate. Next I pain and draw with oil pastels, graphite and charcoal. I then add and remove layers for a layered and dimensional aged look. The final image is protected with a matte acrylic medium. After I start with a general idea which is usually based on my day to day life, such as walking my dog next to the Columbia River, where we might see a wide assortment of wildlife such as herons, eagles, hawks, snakes, frogs juxtaposed with an urban landscape including tankers, container ships and the trojan horses moving goods in and out of the city. Then I work in a free and associative way based on things that suggest themselves as I work. It is an intuitive and abstract process of colors, and drawings that strike me as interesting and are visually appealing. My work is in numerous collections including The Mayo Clinic and numerous children’s hospitals.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/jillmayberg

Web site: jillmayberg.com

I was a featured artist on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Oregon ArtBeat”and profiled in the magazine “Where Women Create.”



  • Washington state Artist’s Trust $7,500 Fellowship
  • Arts of Clark County Project Grant Award
  • SF Arts Commission Purchase Art Award

Gallery Representation:

  • Imogen Gallery, Astoria, Oregon
  • Greenleaf Gallery, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Persimmon Gallery, BigFork, Montana