Acrylic Painting

Portland, Oregon

About the Art:

My painting process begins with colorful underpaintings followed by fluttery brushstrokes that slowly build upon each other to reveal sacred spaces in nature. Mother Nature’s spiritual energy and how we are connected to it is the focus of my creative practice. Auras, Chi, the Force, Energy Vortexes: these are all names for this universal energy that I am trying to express in my paintings. I strive to leave enough realism on the canvas to give the viewer a familiar entry point allowing them to imagine themselves in the painting with this divine energy around them. Applying meditative brushstrokes, using vibrant colors, and embellishing the canvas serve as my act of spiritual devotion to Mother Nature. By straddling the lines between abstract and representation, realism and fantasy, stillness and movement, I aim to reinvigorate the viewer and bring an element of contemporary whimsy & mysticism to these traditional painting subjects.

Anisa Asakawa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1987. Anisa graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from Washington University in St. Louis. As the daughter of a Malaysian botanist and a Texan forester, Anisa’s identity is defined by a multiracial/multicultural experience and a reverence for Mother Nature. She specializes in vibrant, expressionistic landscape paintings. Anisa’s tropical color sense, influenced by a Hawaiian childhood, and her love for Mother Nature’s raw energy, are signature to her creative practice. Anisa works from her home studio in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband, two small children and rescue dog.


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