About the Art:

My interest in birds is about the consciousness and elegant lines and forms of birds. Birds are endlessly beautiful. I especially like to make their eyes the focal point of the drawing. The images begin with the wild bird photography of Portland photographer Francene Grewe, who is keenly interested in Oregon native birds. In my work I feel free to choose how to depict the subject so that it is interesting as art, yet true to the subject. I often eliminate the background so the shapes of the bird are primary. During the many years as a silver/goldsmith my goal was to create simple and elegant shapes, beauty, and quality. The curves and forms in the jewelry are very similar to the shapes of birds, who are far more lovely than I could imagine on my own. Over time I have developed an interest and love for all life, including insects, ocean creatures, our forests and plants. My intent with animals is to depict the consciousness of the unique, aware being. Focusing on the subject, I tend to keep the background simple, as not to distract from each individual. The head and eyes are most important.

How to Purchase:

Web site and online shop: www.swiarda.com