Sculpture – Proprietary Cast Concrete for the Home and Garden

Seattle, Washington

About the Art:

I am inspired by a love of horticulture, travel, time in nature, the historic decorative arts, and my Scandinavian heritage. The philosophy and aesthetics of the Arts and Crafts movement, as it developed in various places as a response to the Industrial Revolution, are especially appealing to me, and I believe relevant today as we search for sanctuary and authenticity in our changing world. I create my original designs in mixed-media, then make a silicone mold into which I cast a specialized concrete that I make from scratch in the studio. I trim each piece, layer pigments to build up a rich “patina” then finish by sealing and buffing. My pieces may be enjoyed in the home or garden, year round. A note on my colors: while I do work in color “families”, there will be variations within them as each piece is individually cast and finished. Your piece will be unique!