Wearable Art

Portland, Oregon

About the Art:

I’m Judee and I’d like to say “fabrics are my paints”—but it doesn’t stop there.  I believe the difference between “fashion” and wearable art is in the detail. I don’t think you can buy 3 yards of fabric, make a skirt and call it art. There’s got to be a focused investment, a story… like the investment of time and heart one puts into a painting.

Forming color/texture “groups” of fabrics on my bench—creating palettes, similar to the way an interior designer would begin to design a room… it’s how I begin. My degree in clothing design guides the basics.
Producing fabric “collage” pieces on the machine, I develop individual wearable art items, both accessories and garments, adding further embellishment where it’s called for. Sometimes my pieces seem “costume-ee” ….but it’s wearable art—in functional form!

I continue to be inspired by Celtic, Middle Eastern and African cultures,  evident by my silkscreen motif collection. Then, clients asked: “But what about OUR culture?” This inspired me to create a group of PNW Native tree leaf motifs, then later pinecones, dragonflies and hazelnuts.  They are applied to my signature 3-pocket bags and zippy bags which I’ve sold through the Vista House at Crown Point, Made in Oregon Stores and various museum gift shops.

A majority of my work includes the re-use of existing supplies in the way of discarded clothing, fabric and embellishments. I’m a big believer in recycling. I taught a fibre art studio for 18 years, where a huge part of my classes involved the resourcefulness of reuse. Even my studio is a recycled garage! A big part of my work is in accessories.  It’s good to have practical, reasonably priced little pieces of wearable art available for any budget, don’t you think? People walk into my booth at art festivals suggesting they feel they’ve entered a “suq” or a Mediterranean bazaar. I like that!

You’ll find the latest Moonbeam gear on my Etsy page, or text/call me: 503-730-6437 for help, more images, custom work or an appointment to visit (with safe social distance) my studio in the Cully/Beaumont neighborhood.


Web site: JudeeMoonbeam.com

Online Shop: www.JudeeMoonbeam.etsy.com

Email: Jude@judeemoonbeam.com

Phone: (503) 730-6437 (cell phone with text)
Landline: (503) 285-1875 (no text)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/judeemoonbeam

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JudeeMoonbeamStudio